I’m Josh, a 25 year old bike traveller, cycling from the UK to China over 12 months. This blog will hold some snapshots and excerpts from life on the road, with the odd photo as well. The main action will be on Facebook and Instagram though.

    Along the way I will be doing some volunteering projects:

    Trans-Caucasian Trail

    The Trans-Caucasian Trail will be a long distance hiking trail, all the way along the Caucus mountains from Georgia through to Armenia. For two weeks in August I’ll be helping the team to build this trail. It’ll be outdoor manual labour – think clearing trees, building steps, putting up signs etc. – which should make a welcome change from turning the pedals.

    Workaway is a website that brings together travellers keen to supplement their trips with volunteering projects and hosts who need some help with a project in a fixed place. This could be anything from helping at hostels, to farming, to teaching new languages or skills. Both hosts and workawayers benefit from seeing different cultures, making new contacts and making progress on an important local project. I plan to stop along the way in Armenia and Kyrgyzstan to “workaway”, which should provide a welcome rest and change in pace from life on the road.


    I’ve also added some archived notes from previous tours I’ve done:

    • Le Tour 2015 was a bike tour my friend Henry and I rode, following the Tour De France through the Alps
    • Belgium 2014 was a 5 day solo bike tour around Belgium that I rode in 2014